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Pet Treats

Right in front of our counter strategically positioned at nose-height, is our

tantalizing range of doggie treats.


Not only reward and training treats - there's also delicious long-lasting

boredom-busters, teeth-cleaning dental chews and health-targeted treats for

dogs with specific needs.


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Natural Dried Range


Sold individually and/or in packets.


Beef Clod Bones - long lasting for big dogs

Beef Knob Bones - long lasting for medium to big dogs

Lamb Shanks - long lasting for small to medium dogs

Thick Bull Chews - long lasting for medium to big dogs

Steer Sticks - long lasting for small dogs

Cattle Hooves - long lasting for all dogs

Pigs Trotters - mid to long lasting for all dogs

Pork Crackle - crunchy treat for all dogs

Turkey Necks - crunchy chew for all dogs

Bully Sticks - crunchy chew for all dogs

Deer Ears - low fat chew

Beef Jerky - tasty meat treat

Pig Ears - great for puppies

Lamb Ears -taste treat for small dogs

Hen Breast - dried chicken chews

Chicken Necks - crunchy chews for small dogs

Kangaroo Sticks - meaty snack

Marshmallow Bites - dried lung - good low-cal training treat

Pig Snout - chewy snack

Lamb Tripe - chunky morsels

Liver - easily broken into small pieces for training


Only Available at Pet Essentials


Vetalogica Range:

VitaRapid Joint Care treats

VitaRapid Digestive Health treats

VitaRapid Oral treats

Tranquil Daily Treats - helps maintain emotional balance

Aussie Naturals - Kangaroo & Vege treats

Aussie Naturals - Lamb & Pumpkin treats


"Its Treat Time" Chicken Treats - 100% chicken, excellent small reward

"Its Treat Time" Ocean Delights - Fish skin bar, 60gm & 150gm

"Its Treat Time" Ocean Delights - Salmon bites, 60gm & 150gm

Dr Chew - Sweet Potato Dog Chew

Doggy Delight Roo Crinkles - Kangaroo snacks

Doggy Delight Chicken Crinkles - Chicken snacks

Doggy Delight Chicken Meat Balls - Chicken treats

Blackdog Beef Tendons - 100% Aussie beef chew

Blackdog Charcoal Mini Biscuits - Oven baked, crunchy nutritious treat

Blackdog Cheese Mini Biscuits - Oven baked, crunchy, nutritious treat



Packaged Goodies


Orijen Freeze Dried Soft Treats, 42.5gm or 92gm

Original -Chicken, Turkey & Flounder

Romney Lamb

Free Run Duck

Wild Boar

Tundra - Bison, Goat, Venison, Arctic Char

6Fish - Pilchard, Hake, Mackerel, Flounder, Rockfish, Sole


Yours Droolly, 100gm, 450gm & 500gm

Chicken Tenders

Duck Tenders

Chicken & Fish Sticks

Duck Sticks

Mix-up Treats - Chicken Tenders, Duck Sticks, Sweet Potato & Jerky

Chicken Wrapped Pork Hide - 7 pack


Wanpy Treats

Chicken & Codfish Sushi, 50gm & 100gm

Chicken Calcium Bone, 50gm

Chicken & Codfish Sandwich, 50gm

Chicken Bar, 50gm

Chicken Jerky, 100gm & 567gm

Duck Jerky, 100gm & 567gm

Chicken Sausages, 100gm

Duck Sausages, 100gm

Chicken Biscuits, 100gm

Chicken Liver, 100gm


SmartBones - Chicken & Vege, Peanut Butter, or Grain Free

Royal Canin Educ - low calorie training treats

Howbones - Dog snacks in assorted flavours, 15 to a pack

Gnawlers - Small, medium & large bones. Bacon, beef, chicken or cheese

Gnawler Hearty Rolls - chewy treats in chicken or beef

Schmackos - mini marrowbones 425gm, original marrowbones 737gm

Schmackos Strapz - Chicken, Liver or Beef

Eukanuba Healthy Extras - Baked bars for small or medium dogs, also in weight management

Zoe Pill Pops - Roast Chicken & Rosemary soft treats or pill covers



New Zealand /Bay of Plenty produced


Rewards Treats - Gourmet & organic home-baked cookies from Matakana. Varieties include Hazelnut Teds, Liver Bones, liquorice, Cheese & Bacon, Wallaby & Possum. Also available in bags of mini cookies.

Ziwi Good Dog Treats - air dried training treats in lamb, beef, or venison varieties.

Addiction Meaty Bites - soft treats from Te Puke. Free range beef or venison and wild brushtail possum

K9 Natural - soft treats. Grain free chicken, grain free lamb or grain free green lipped mussels for skin & joints

Possyum Kibble - dried possum cubes

Possyum Meat Sticks - possum sticks

Possyum Mixed Treats - combo of meat sticks, liver, lung, jerky & crackle

Sunday Pets Manuka Glazed Lamb - with Beta-Carotene & Vitamin E

Sunday Pets Beef & Blueberry - whole meat and fruit

Sunday Pets NZ King Salmon - rich in Omega 3 and minerals

Zeal Hoki Fish Skins - highly digestible & loaded with Omega 3

Zeal Lamb Sticks - high protein, low fat

Zeal Veal Meaty Bites - High protein low fat

Zeal Venison Tendons - hard chew high in natural sodium

Zeal Chewies - veal tendons: a doggie favourite

Zeal Spare Ribs - Soft veal bones

Radical Dog - cherry treats from Oamaru, high in antioxidants

Velvet Pure - deer velvet antler slices that are said to help ward off arthritis




Dental Treats


Greenies - works like a toothbrush, tastes like a treat. In small, medium & large size

Dentalight Dental Bones - freshens breath with chlorophyll

Dentastix - daily oral chews

Kazoo Spiral Twists - vege based chew

Dozers - all natural, American made oral chew in 4 sizes

SmartBones - healthy alternative to rawhide

VitaRapid Oral - with yucca extract and prebiotics

Deer Hoofer - oral health chew from Ziwi




Raw meat is the healthy, natural choice for your pet. Our’s is preservative free and is presented for you to use easily.



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All our dried foods are fully balanced to provide all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy pet.



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