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Raw Foods

100% Natural Fresh Meat

At Pet Essentials we believe raw meat should make up an important part of your cats’ and dogs’ diet, as they need to eat raw meat to be healthy as nature intended. Nature designed dogs and cats to hunt for their food, and to eat the whole carcass of their prey in order to get the full range of nutrients they need for good health.

The Benifits Of A Raw Food Diet

In their natural wild environment they do not forage for grains or vegetables. They get those by eating other animals that have pre-digested those types of nutrients for them. In a modern urban environment a healthy, natural diet can be emulated by feeding your carnivore cat or dog a diet rich in raw meaty bones, green tripe, organs and the tissue of other animals such as rabbit, possum, veal, venison, chicken, beef or lamb.


Your dog or cat will develop a healthy digestive system, glossy coat and become noticeably more content.


 Many vets in New Zealand and overseas are now seeing the benefits of natural, raw diets.


Our meats are raw, preservative free and are presented for you to use easily. We have meat already diced for your convenience or minced and packaged as blocks or medallions. All you need to do is defrost as much as your pet will need at any one sitting.


Our menu is likely to have small changes from time to time dependent often on the seasonal availability of the respective meats. We are also always on the look out for different offerings that your pet will enjoy.

Our Raw Pet Food Range


Beef Mince

Beef Diced

Beef and chicken mince

Beef and Venison

Canon Bones

Chicken and Beef Mince

Chicken and Fish

Chicken salmon and heart

Chicken and Vegetables

Chicken Frames Free Flow

Chicken Necks Free Flow

Fish Fillets – Free Flow

Green Tripe


Heart and Tongue

Lamb Mince

Lamb and Salmon

Lamb, tripe and Garlic

Lamb Brisket bone (soft bone)

Possum (minced)

Possum tails

Rabbit pieces, bone in

Steak and Rabbit

Steak and kidney

Tripe - green

Turkey and heart

Turkey necks free flow

Veal Diced

Veal Minced

Veal and Possum Minced

Veal and Venison Diced

Veal brisket (soft)

Veal Necks (hard)

Venison (diced)

Venison and heart

Wallaby and heart.


Speciality Meats

The following blends has been specifically blended for your pets

Cat mix -

Kitten Mince

Puppy Mince

Real thing Raw  Veal – Affco certified.

Real thing Raw – Chicken – Affco certified. 

Ultimate dog

Performance Mince – carb free, cold pressed mussel extract, tripe, egg, heart, bone and cartilage.  No preservatives or grains.


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All our dried foods are fully balanced to provide all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy pet.



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